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Microarrays Printing and Glycan Microarray

  • Glycan, Protein, Nucleic Acid Microarray Fabrication

sciFLEXARRAYER S3 Four Channel Non-contact Ultra-Low Volume Dispensing System


The Li laboratory in the Department of Chemistry at Georgia State University is fully equipped to support organic synthesis, biochemical, chemical biology, and glycomics/glycoproteomics experiments. Our laboratory has the following major instruments and other common equipment.

UltrafleXtreme MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometer (Bruker)

sciFLEXARRAYER S3 ultra-low volume dispensing system (Scienion)

Nexera X2 LCMS-2020 system with UV/fluorescent detectors (Shimadzu)

LTQ-Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer wt UltiMate 3000 RSLC nano-UPLC (Thermo)


CEM Liberty Blue microwave peptide synthesizer

LC-20 Analytical HPLC & LC-20 Semi-preparative HPLC Systems (Shimadzu)

AKTA Pure protein purification system (GE Lifescience)

BioFlo 120 Bioprocessor with 5 L Vessel  (Eppendorf)

MultiPep 2 parallel (up to 384 peptides) automatic peptide Synthesizer (CEM)

 5 x Isolera prime flash chromatography systems (Biotage)

5 x Rotavapor R-120 systems (Buchi)

Freedry 4.5L -84 degree Lyophilizer (Labconco) 

​Other Equipment include:

  • GE Healthcare Life Science AKTA Purifier protein purification system

  • Biotage Initiator Microwave Reactor

  • Eppendorf MasterCycler PCR thermal cycler (2 systems)

  • Eppendorf 5910R centrifuge with multiple adapters

  • Beckman Coulter J6-MI centrifuge for cell collection

  • Beckman Coulter Allegra 25R high-speed centrifuge

  • Labconco purifier and Airstream ESCD Class II biological safety cabinets (2 systems)

  • Eppendorf Excella E25 temperature controllable incubator shaker (2 systems)

  • Eppendorf vacufuge concentrator system

  • Ultra-low temperature Freezer (2x)

  • ThermoFisher Nanopure Water purification system

  • Agilent 1290 HPLC system

  • Fisherbrand™ Q500 Sonicator with Probe

  • Biorad BioLogic LP System low-pressure chromatography

  • Ohaus Discovery analytical balance (0.01 mg)

  • SG Water glass contour solvent purification filtration system

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