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Welcome to the LI Glyco Group at Georgia State University

Every living cell is coated with a dense layer of complex carbohydrates (or glycans) termed as glycocalyx. It plays critical roles in diverse biological processes, including cell signaling, molecular recognition, immunity, inflammation and pathogenesis. Working at the interface of Chemistry and Biology with a focus on Carbohydrate Chemistry, Microbial glycobiology, and Glycomics, we are trying to understand the structures and functions of glycans involved in infectious diseases and cancer. 

Interested in joining our Lab?

Our group is recruiting graduate students of Ph.D. levels. We will support students with tuition waivers and monthly stipends. Graduate students will develop strong skills in carbohydrate chemistry, glycobiology, glycomics, and molecular biology to complete their research projects. Applicants with B.S. or M.S. degrees in biochemistry, organic chemistry, or biology are encouraged to apply.

Please contact Lei Li at if interested. 

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